Eve London escorts serve a wide range of clients. There are those who are on official business, others are on vacation, some are local to the area, as well as many more. While on duty, the Eve London escorts have experienced some awkward moments while serving their clients. Here are some of the most awkward experiences they have endured.

-Taking back to back clients who have the same name.

One of the Eve London escorts had an awkward moment to remember. One day she had two back to back clients who had the same name. She mixed up her notes and got confused about her role play scene which was of a police officer and she ended up doing it with the second client. He was utterly shocked upon seeing her in cop gear because he said he had never tried a role play before. The first client, however, ended up getting a sensual session rather than his cop role plays he had in mind. That was an awkward experience because both of the clients did not get exactly what they wanted and this normally does not feel right for both parties.
-Another Eve London escort explained that she normally has a ritual while preparing for anal sex. She normally masturbates with a vibrator to relax her body well. One time she made a mistake and put a pump of a hand sanitizer in her crotch because it had the same color as the water-based lube bottle on set. She says she got an alcohol burn and she lost the mood for anal sex completely.

-Another escort confessed that she had a client who came into her room a little drunk. He began by aggressively fondling her making some funny sounds. He was a little tipsy and incompetent at sex. He really struggled to try to get his manhood inside her. When he was on top of her, he slipped and head-butted her, which was both awkward and annoying. It also caused injuries that interfered with her taking clients until they healed.

-Another Eve London escort was having a few drinks with her client who went by the name striker. They really had fun together. She kept talking about how cool the name of her client was and that it reminded her of one of her all-time favorite movies. After they had a beautiful session, her client gently corrected her and told her his name was actually Strider. It was awkward.

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